Presentation of the International Fund Development and Coordination Agency Co.

EEA – Norway Grants

The International Fund Development and Coordination Agency Co. (IDEFA Co.- NFFKÜ being the Hungarian abbreviation) is a private limited company established in 2012. It is 24% owned by the Hungarian State and 76% by Vital Management Consulting Ltd.

The company performed the executive agency tasks of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanism until -2014. In connection with the programming tasks, it participated in the preparation of the programme-level management and control system and audit trails; in budget planning; in developing the necessary guidelines, calls for proposals and other related documents; in publishing calls for proposals.

IDEFA Co. received the applications, checked them in terms of form and eligibility, ensured the availability of an independent group of experts performing the professional evaluation of the applications, and participated in the evaluation of the applications, and performed decision-making activities.

During the project implementation period, it participated in the conclusion and amendment of grant agreements; checked and certified project cost statements and payment claims on the basis of documents and on-the-spot checks; checked the adequacy of the procurement procedures carried out by the beneficiaries; provided data to the Programme Operators to compile the annual and final programme, financial reports as well as payment schedules.

The NORA IT system developed and operated by IDEFA CO. has been providing assistance to Applicants, Beneficiaries and the Donor in the implementation of their projects. The system is modular in structure and manages the entire project cycle, including the creation and publication of calls for proposals, the evaluation process, the conclusion and modification of contracts, the control of procurement, the on-the-spot checks, the control of payment claims and the detection of irregularities and claims management.

IDEFA Co. in its capacity of Executive Agency, participated in the management of complex projects implemented in many cases with the involvement of foreign partners in the areas of Development of Bilateral Relations; Energy efficiency; Renewable energy; Preservation of cultural and natural heritage; Research and study scholarships; Green industry innovation; Capacity building and interinstitutional cooperation; Public health.

Over EUR 90 million funds were allocated to the areas managed by IDEFA Co.

Residential energy and consumer protection programmes

On 1 August 2020, the IDEFA Co., through an open tender, was designated to act as implementing body in state-funded residential energy and consumer protection programmes. As part of this, we carry out the full-fledged management of the applications for grant schemes of the national ‘Warm Home Programme’, also including all related accounting and disbursement tasks.

The 12 grant schemes managed by us provide over 110 million euros in support to nearly 350,000 beneficiaries.

Energy innovation support programmes

IDEFA Co. was also appointed by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to perform grant programme implementation tasks related to energy innovation (including topics related to the electricity flexibility market), as well as district heating system development.

The task includes, inter alia, the full design and preparation of calls for proposals, the management and evaluation of applications, the management of grant documents and, where appropriate, amendments, the formal and professional evaluation of professional reports, the latter involving experts; the full organisation and conduct of monitoring visits, the performance of cost verification and performance certification tasks, and the execution of payments.

In the case of professional tasks, IDEFA Co. relies on the extensive knowledge of the energy experts working in the organisation on the one hand, and the contracted external experts on the other.


IDEFA Co. has gained significant experience in programming, programme implementation, and project management, as well as in the development and implementation of small, medium and large-scale projects. Our company has wide practical knowledge in concluding, implementing, closing grant agreements, in managing maintenance periods, as well as in planning and conducting the necessary checks and controls.

Our IT system, designed and developed by our own staff, ensures not only accurate monitoring of programme progress and electronic support to all management tasks, but also reliable financial and programme reporting.

Given our significant experience in the implementation of EU programmes, the management and control system we have developed is also fully in line with the standards of EU support schemes. The system, accredited by the national audit authority, covers all elements of programme implementation: preparation and publication of calls for proposals, treatment of complaints and irregularities, administrative, eligibility checks, evaluation of public procurement, verification of financial documents, assessment of payment claims, on-the-spot checks, on-the-spot checks exploration and claim management.

The successful conclusion of the EEA - Norway programme within very limited implementation period available proved that IDEFA Co. is able to design and operate a complex programme management system.

In only six weeks we took over more than 338,000 public applications as well as related contracts in the fields of residential energy and consumer protection. With customised project application and financial management software several terabytes of data were migrated, more than twenty staff members were recruited, without causing any interruptions in the projects. This also indicates IDEFA Co.’s capacity of quick and efficient programme management.


EEA – Norway Grants

As the executive agency of the EEA-Norway program 2009–2014, IDEFA Co. participated in the implementation of the following programme areas:

Code Programme area Allocation (KEUR)
HU01 Bilateral relations 766.5 
HU02 Energy efficiency 9 896.5
HU03 Renewable energy 9 071.8
HU07 Preservation of natural and cultural heritage 14 844.75
HU09 Green industry innovation 26 917.6
HU11 Institution building 12 724.6
HU12 Public health 19 576.5
  Total: 93 798.2

Most of the projects implemented were of an infrastructural nature: various investment components had to be implemented based on the objectives of the programmes, such as increasing the energy efficiency of public buildings, developing renewable energy power plants, renovating cultural heritage buildings, establishment of facilities or systems to reduce emissions, and the renovation of municipal buildings providing public services to citizens.

We are currently in charge of the maintenance phase of the programme.

IDEFA Co. performed the following programme and project implementation tasks:

Programme level tasks

  1. Establishment and operation of a management and control system
  2. Development and operation of a programme management IT system
  3. Preparation of calls for proposals
  4. Creation and maintenance of a programme website
  5. Communication with beneficiaries and customer service
  6. Ensuring programme level publicity

Project level tasks

  1. Formal and eligibility checks of applications, operation of evaluation committees
  2. Preparation of grant contracts, coordination of their conclusion, handling of contract amendments
  3. Verification of project reports, certification of financial reports
  4. On-going and ex-post control of public procurement
  5. Conducting on-the-spot checks
  6. Treatment of irregularities
  7. Reporting

Residential energy and consumer protection programmes

The IDEFA CO. performs the implementing tasks of the following support schemes

Programme Number of beneficiaries Allocation (KEUR)
‘Warm Home’ programmes (household appliance replacement, radiator replacement, heating upgrade, support for energy-saving upgrades) 348 687 106 714.3
Improving the Energy Efficiency of Water Utilities 71 14 285.7
Support for associations representing consumer interests 31 205.7
Total: 348 789 121 205.8

Grant management tasks

  1. Formal, content and professional evaluation of applications, decision preparation
  2. Preparation of legal documents and amendments thereto, legal and financial countersigning, signing of commitments
  3. Information for applicants and beneficiaries, provision of customer service, performance of public information tasks
  4. Monitoring the financial performance of contracts managed by the beneficiary, carrying out professional and financial checks, also on-the-spot if necessary

Financial accounting tasks

  1. Accounting of financial and non-cash items, analytical accounting of related economic events by contract, by partner, analytical accounting of commitments, budget, payments made, keeping analytical records of funds received and disbursed
  2. Operation of an integrated financial information system related to the management of calls and financial tasks
  3. Disbursement of grants
  4. Claim management
  5. Preparation of yearly inventory
  6. Financial reporting

International cooperation

IDEFA Co. is actively seeking and developing solutions to decrease the fossil energy imports of Hungary. This is an issue of fundamental national economic, social, environmental and security interest. We focus on measures to map, analyse and decrease energy consumption and on opportunities to increase domestic renewable energy production. We seek to cooperate with European partners as well, in order to implement best practices in Hungary.

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